The Merlin Earth Bonding Point is intended to be installed in commercial kitchens where separate contiguous earth linking of free-standing,  portable or mobile appliances is required. Rather than rely on  the integral earth  path through the power supply plug, the Merlin Earth Bonding Point provides a 1.8m flexible lead suitable for connection to appliance or trolley. This lead provides a low resistance, 16 sq mm connection, through the Point, to the building's earthing system, thereby  reducing the risk to  personnel from the dangers of electric shock while working in damp or wet conditions.

1) Secure earth bar into back of 35mm deep single outlet box
2) Connect to earth
3) Fit front plate
4) Connect lead to equipment
5) Attach self-adhesive label

Kit Contains:

1- earth bar with fixings
1- front plate with fixings
1- earth cable with label


The flying earth lead can be easily connected or removed using the integral screw fitting which can be tightened or released with the thumb-wheel provided. No tools are necessary.

The Point itself is designed to be installed in a conventional single gang 35mm deep recessed backing box. The materials used for the integrated busbar are of the highest quality to ensure long life and, of course, total reliability. The  face plate, which can be provided in either white plastic or stainless steel (at additional cost),  is clearly engraved so that the purpose of the Point is apparent to all users who can then make the connection in seconds!

Installation can be simplified by ensuring that the earth loop embedded in the wall is offset vertically as indicated in the photograph by arranging that one conduit aligns with the knock-out in the backing box above the centre line, and the other aligns with the knock-out situated below the centre line. This simple step makes attaching the cable ends to the yoke much less troublesome.