Technical Specification

Extraneous Metal Earth Bonding System: Flush Socket Kit

Each kit shall comprise of an electrical quality copper busbar 25mm x 6mm fitted with a terminal screw for connection to the equipotential system of the building and other earth bonding boxes. The bus bar shall be sized to fit inside a 1-gang 35mm deep outlet box (not supplied) to BS 4662:1970.
The busbar shall be securely fitted with an earth bonding socket protruding through the flush mounting plastic or stainless steel surface plate. The earth bonding socket shall be internally threaded to accept the earth bonding connector ref EB-A. The kit shall include the connector (EB-A)

Extraneous Metal Earth Bonding System: Detachable Connector Kit

The special Earth Bonding Connector Kit shall comprise of a multi-lobed knob captive to 1.8m long, 16 sq mm earth wire to BS6321. The knob shall have a threaded portion capable of being attached or detached from the Earth Bonding Point by hand operation without the use of tools. Each Earth Bonding Connector shall be supplied with warning labels to comply with the "Regulations for Electrical Installations".

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